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Crisis Intervention

Crisis Intervention

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Crisis Intervention and Safety

This is a must read for all field workers and mental health professionals working in child abuse and neglect crisis intervention situations.

1.Understanding Crisis
2.Understand the elements of crises
3.Understand a workers vulnerability and safety measures
4.Learn burnout prevention tips
5.Learn crisis intervention goals and steps (Nine step model)
6.Learn treatment approaches and techniques including resistance
7.Understand common terms used in during crisis intervention

6 CE (Crisis Intervention)
Family and Crisis Intervention

Crisis Intervention begins at the first moment of contact with clients. Goals and implementation of those goals results in tremendous benefits to families.

1.Understand crisis intervention goals and steps as it relates to children
2.The importance of competent assessment when working with families
3.Understanding special family situations
4.Review the importance of follow up service
5.Review crisis intervention and safety measures
6. Learn important vocabulary and terms 

6 CE (Crisis Intervention)
Using DSM-5 for Assessments and Interventions with Suicidal Individuals
Dr. David Jensen covers all aspects of suicide.  "Using DSM-5 for Assessments and Interventions with Suicidal Individuals" extensively covers the assessment and treatment of suicidal individuals. This course is a must read for clincians and educators alike. 
  • Identify biological, environmental, and psycho- social behavioral elements that increase risk. 
  • Identify key assessment factors that determine level of risk— low, moderate or high.
  • Recognize signs and symptoms of secondary trauma and compassion fatigue.
  • Identify effective methods to diagnose and treat suicidal individuals.

Written by: David Jensen, PHD, LSCSW, LCMFT

8 CE (CEUs)