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Autism Spectrum Disorders

This is an introduction and suggested refresher course to Autism Spectrum Disorders.


  • Overview of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and the problems that may come accompany ASD
  • Overview of diagnosis and available aids for families
  • Overview of adults with ASD
  • Learn treatment options of Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Overview of causes and treatment of ASD
4 CE (Diagnosing)
SPED Directors and Resolving Disputes

What Every SPED Director should know about resolving disputes

- Informal Approaches

a. IEP Review

b. Facilitated IEP Meeting

- Formal Approaches

a. Mediation

b. Filing a state complaint

c. Due Process


1 CE
Ten Things Every Child With Autism Wishes You Knew

BOOK NOT PROVIDED: Book must be purchased seperately from your local bookstore or on Amazon.

This course defines the top ten characteristics that illuminate the minds and hearts of children with autism. Ten Things has been called "priceless" by some professionals and has been recommended to every staff member working in organizations that service children.


  • Create a guide for all who come in contact with a child on the autism spectrum
  • Learn about Sensory Perceptions
  • Discover the concrete thinker
  • Awareness of vocabulary
  • Identify what triggers meltdowns

6 CE (Autism)