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Senior Living

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The Hospice Walk
Best Seller! The Hospice Walk

This on-line course is simple and straight forward to understanding the natural dying process. It will bring great comfort to careworkers in the Aging and Geriatrics field. 


  • Learn frequently asked questions from patients and family members
  • Learn practical things that every family member should know
  • Learn facts surrounding confusion and terminal restlessness
  • Learn about the shutting down process of the natural dying process
  • Learn the process of actively dying
  • Learn important issues after the final death
8 CE
Alcohol and Older Adults


  • Define low risk drinking, at-risk drinking, problem drinking, and alcohol dependence in older adults
  • Know drinking guidelines for adults age 65 and over
  • Understand the prevalence of at-risk drinking, problem drinking, and alcohol dependence among older adults
  • Identify signs and symptoms of alcohol problems in older adults
  • Know how to use brief alcohol interventions with older adults
  • Recognize barriers to intervention and treatment, and how to address them
3 CE (Diagnosing and Treatment)
Hoarding: When Collecting Goes Bad!

The inability to part with ones belongings can get so out of control that it can become a personal crisis. The fascinating look into the lives of hoarders has hit TV and Media across the country.  This course will help therapists have a better understanding of hoarding and how to treat it.  

• Define the two types of hoarding
• Learn the facts and statistics of hoarding
• Learn common traits and causes of hoarding
• Learn intervention and treatment of hoarding

4 CE (Diagnosis)